Precision water and fertilizer management

We partner with commercial growers to increase yields and reduce costs through water efficiency.

Our unique software connects and activates hardware devices to deliver the next generation of decision-making support technology.

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Technology & Integration

SWAN uses a mixture of industry-best-practice crop models and tailored models based on your specific crop, variety, soil type, climate, season, irrigation system details and more to determine how much water you need at any given time. As a secure, web-based decision support system that is based on science, you can rest assured that your data is both accurate and safe.

Unlike other irrigation management products, SWAN Systems is designed to work with any hardware. This makes it very adaptable and versatile, enabling you to manage irrigation at the whole farm level in one platform; even with a mixture of infrastructure types.

The Dashboard

SWAN’s interface is designed to be simple, intuitive and user friendly, allowing less technically-experienced staff to easily manage irrigation and crop fertilizer programs, while at the same time allowing technical people to optimally configure the system as needed.

When users log in to SWAN Systems, they are presented with a dashboard which provides them with the snapshot of their account, including information on site health, a water usage summary, a forecast soil moisture summary and a weather forecast.

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Case Studies

Making Every Drop Count

Water management software for almonds – Making Every Drop Count

In this report we detail the success of SWAN Systems over the very dry 2021 irrigation season.

Bottom line – the ranch experienced an overall 40% productivity increase. Making every drop count was our objective – and our achievement.

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James Vitisynth - On the application of SWAN Systems to the wine industry globally

On the application of SWAN Systems to the wine industry globally

What does international viticulture expert, James Wright, have to say about how SWAN helps grape growers to achieve their quality and efficiency goals? This report explores various viticulture best practices from the VitiSynth Global Audit© Criteria and how they relate to SWAN Systems features.

James is the author of VitiSynth, an open access website and weekly newsletter that keeps busy wine professionals worldwide up-to-date with the latest in wine industry research.

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Matanuska Bananas

Matanuska bananas: water and power savings using SWAN

Matanuska, the largest banana producer in Zimbabwe, used SWAN Systems and achieved an annual estimated water saving of 30%, (~2.6 megalitres of water per hectare per year), which translates to an ROI of at least 7 times.

Based on these results Matanuska have rolled the system out to the rest of the operation.

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SWAN Testimonials

  • Fruitico logo
    Roger Fahl - Director


    SWAN’s ability to incorporate its own unique algorithms with soil moisture probe data and satellite imagery takes my holistic farm management capability to another level.

  • Matanuska logo
    Andrew Cowper

    Matanuska, Zimbabwe

    SWAN Systems has provided us with great insight into the soil moisture status of all our fields. It highlighted that we were applying too much water and enabled us to cut our annual water usage by 30%. SWAN also provided ease of management of our blocks, as they are all scheduled from a centralized point ahead of time. Using SWAN Systems has really made a big impact on the way we monitor and operate our irrigation and has prevented us from wasting water and leaching fertilizers into the surrounding ecosystem.

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  • AGceleration logo
    Allan Fetters

    AGceleration Advisory Service

    Taking the guesswork out of your irrigation scheduling and water management is no easy task, regardless of whether you are tech-enabled or not. SWAN Systems enables growers to meet the varying demands of their crop, no matter the size of their farm operation. SWAN provides the necessary insights to better manage your water resources to make every drop count.

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Our latest news and updates

Imagine H2O Accelerator program 2021

April 22, 2021

SWAN Systems has been selected to participate in the 2021 Imagine H2O Accelerator program

We are pleased to announce that SWAN Systems has been selected to participate in the 12th ImagineH2O accelerator program.

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Rabobank winners SWAN systems

December 8, 2020

SWAN wins prestigious global agtech competition

Western Australian software company SWAN Systems was recently announced as the AgTech winner at the FoodBytes! Pitch 2020 competition, a major international startup discovery program.

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